RSV Vaccine

Participation Criteria:

  • Currently enrolling participants age 60 and up

*other criteria to be assessed

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About This Study:

  • Older adults are at an increased risk for a severe RSV infection which can lead to hospitalization and death especially at risk groups include: > 65 years old, chronic heart/lung disease, and/or weakened immune system.
  • RSV is also very dangerous in infants – Especially at risk groups are premature infants, <6 months of age and/or children with chronic heart/lung disease or weakened immune systems.
  • Symptoms in otherwise healthy adults are generally very mild so they can unknowingly pass RSV to children (which is why vaccinations are so important!)
  • 1-2 children out of every 100 less than 6 months of age will need to be hospitalized due to RSV.
  • RSV is the #1 cause of serious respiratory tract disease in infancy and early childhood worldwide.
  • Among the elderly, RSV-associated disease rates are similar to that of the flu.
  • In elderly adults, RSV is one of the leading causes of pneumonia.



Dr. Patrick Dennis