Who We Are

DelRicht Research is an integrated organization of premier investigational sites in the United States. DelRicht Research has been conducting clinical trials since 2014. Our innovative company manages a team of elite medical and research professionals and a network of sites that represent a variety of specialties. Our mission is to move medicine forward by providing the best quality service to our clients and engaging more volunteers in clinical research.

Since Delricht Research started in 2014, the company has grown its clinical research from a humble single investigator research site to an 21 investigator multi-therapeutic research network with 12 locations – from only 11 patients per week to seeing over 75 patients every single week.

To date, DelRicht Research has been the #1 enroller on numerous worldwide studies and has been a Top 10 enroller on over 90% of the studies conducted. As a result of the overwhelming enrollment success, 100% of CROs have awarded DelRicht Research with additional studies in less than 1 year after the first project.