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Committed to Becoming Your Long Term Site Network of Choice

At DelRicht Research, our paramount commitment is to ensure the highest standards of data quality and the expertise of our investigators. As a cohesive network of research sites, we unite seasoned investigators who possess a wealth of experience and a keen understanding of their respective medical communities. Each investigator within our network is carefully selected, embodying a dedication to precision and excellence in clinical research. They bring extensive expertise, honed through years of hands-on experience, and a profound understanding of diverse patient populations. Our cohesive approach allows us to synergize their expertise, fostering an environment where robust, reliable data is consistently generated.

In our quest for the advancement of medical science, we place an unwavering emphasis on the integrity and quality of data collected. Our network is built upon a foundation of meticulous data collection, management, and analysis, ensuring that every piece of information obtained is reliable, accurate, and ready for rigorous scrutiny. By combining the talents of our investigators with advanced data management practices, we cultivate an environment where data integrity is uncompromised. This commitment to data quality not only instills confidence in our sponsors but also fuels the continuous progression of medical research, contributing to the development of groundbreaking treatments and therapies that benefit patients worldwide.

  • Community-based investigators

Mobilizing Local Expertise: A Vast Network of Community Investigators

DelRicht Research offers a strategic advantage by harnessing the power of community-based investigators who are deeply rooted in their local areas. Our extensive network comprises dedicated professionals who understand the specific needs and dynamics of their communities. Leveraging their established relationships, these investigators help bridge the gap between trial sponsors and potential participants. By tapping into this network, sponsors can significantly enhance trial outreach, engagement, and recruitment. We prioritize collaboration with investigators who possess a keen understanding of their community’s cultural, social, and healthcare landscape, ensuring trials are conducted with the highest level of relevance and rapport. Our investigators’ experience covers a variety of therapeutic areas which include:


  • Internal Medicine
  • Dermatology
  • Psychiatry
  • Neurology
  • Urology
  • Rheumatology
  • Expedited Start Up

Streamlined Onboarding: Reducing Time to Initiation

Time is a critical factor in clinical research, and DelRicht Research understands the importance of swiftly launching clinical trials. Our dedicated team excels in expediting the startup process, ensuring trials can commence in an efficient and timely manner. By choosing our research network, sponsors benefit from a well-organized, meticulous approach that significantly reduces administrative burdens and accelerates the study’s initiation. We prioritize efficiency without compromising quality, allowing sponsors to swiftly move from planning to execution, ultimately expediting the timeline to meaningful results.
  • Reliable Recruitment

Targeted Strategies, Reliable Outcomes: Expert Trial Recruitment

DelRicht Research specializes in reliable and targeted trial recruitment, leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge of diverse patient populations. We comprehend the significance of timely and accurate participant enrollment in meeting trial objectives. Our approach includes personalized recruitment strategies, utilizing insights from both our investigators and advanced analytics to identify the most suitable participants. We engage in proactive communication with potential participants, educating and guiding them throughout the process. This meticulous approach results in not only meeting recruitment goals but also in ensuring that participants are well-informed and committed, contributing to the overall success and quality of the trial.

Case Study 4 - OA
Case Study 2 - Hyperhidrosis
Case Study 1 - Migraine
Case Study 3 - Fibromyalgia
Case Study 4 - Acne
Case Study 2 - Vaccine
  • Inspection-Ready Data

A Commitment to Excellence: Data Prepared for Rigorous Inspection

DelRicht Research prioritizes the quality and integrity of trial data, recognizing its crucial role in the success of any clinical trial. We adhere to meticulous data collection, management, and analysis practices, ensuring that all data generated is of the highest standard and inspection-ready at any phase of the trial. Our emphasis on compliance and rigorous quality control measures guarantees that sponsors have confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the data, facilitating smooth trial monitoring, regulatory submissions, and eventual approval processes. By choosing DelRicht Research, sponsors can be assured that their trials are conducted with the utmost integrity, meeting the stringent demands of regulatory authorities and trial monitoring bodies.