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COVID Vaccine

This program is developing a COVID booster vaccine administered as a one time injection. Participants are guaranteed to receive either the study vaccine or an FDA approved one. Compensation for time and travel may be provided.

Fast Facts About COVID and Vaccines

  1. Vaccines for COVID-19 are effective. While they may not prevent everyone from contracting the virus, they drastically reduce the chance you’ll need to seek treatment or be hospitalized if you do get sick. Vaccinated status is correlated with less severe symptoms, shorter sick times, less long term side effects after an infection, and fewer repeat infections.
  2. For most people, a vaccine is the best option. Medical history and needs always vary, but for nearly everyone the  many benefits of getting a shot outweigh the few risks. Besides isolation, vaccines are the best tool we have to prevent infection and hospitalization due to COVID.
  3. While adolescents may be less prone to severe infections, they are just as likely to get sick. Recent data seems to indicate that children and adolescents are less likely to have a severe case of COVID requiring hospitalization, but they are just as likely as adults to get sick. Schools also represent a high risk environment for kids, as there is frequently pressure to avoid missing class so students may attend while sick. The data bears this out, pointing to a wave of infections at the start of each school semester.

Available Locations

Springer Wellness & Restorative Health

17 Executive Park Drive #480, Atlanta, GA 30329, USA



Command Family Medicine

3230 S National Ave Suite C Springfield, MO 65807


Magnolia Family Medicine

174 Saundersville Rd suite 302, Hendersonville, TN 37075, USA


Gulfport Memorial

8970 Lorraine Rd, Gulfport, MS 39503, USA


Zomnir Family Medicine

1050 South Coit Rd. suite 10. Prosper, Tx. 75078


Neighborhood Healthcare

16158 Airline Hwy, Suite 103 Prairieville, LA, 70769


Grassroots Healthcare

10100 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK 74133



Touro Medical Center #412

3525 Prytania St #412, New Orleans, LA 70115, USA


Newton Family Medicine

1477 Tobias Gadson Blvd Charleston, SC 29407


Ms. Medicine

272 Lamp and Lantern Village, Town and Country, MO 63017


Group A) Adolescents ages 12-17, regardless of vaccine status.

Group B) Adults ages 18+ who have never received a COVID vaccine.



Other criteria to be assessed.



Dr. Patrick Dennis

Melita Tate Headshot

Dr. Melita Tate

Dr. Taylor Sanders

Dr. Taylor Sanders

Dr. Jennifer Zomnir

Dr. Jennifer Zomnir

Dr. Robert Springer

Dr. Robert Springer

Sean Kerby

Dr. Sean Kerby

Kymberly Moyer, DO

Dr. Kymberly Moyer

Dr. Luke Van Kirk

Dr. Luke Van Kirk

E. Marshall Newton

Dr. E. Marshall Newton

Amy Roberts

Dr. Amy Roberts

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Participation Benefits
  • Free medication & medical assessments

  • No health insurance necessary

  • Access to additional therapeutic options

  • Compensation for time and travel

What to Expect
What happens after I schedule an appointment?
  • Immediately after scheduling your appointment, you will receive a text with more information about your visit at the DelRicht location conducting the study. Please save this number in your phone.
  • The day prior to your visit, you will receive a text to confirm your appointment. If you cannot text, we will arrange for another way to confirm your appointment.
  • Our schedule is limited and we want to ensure your scheduled appointment is kept, so we will give you opportunities to confirm or reschedule.
What will happen at my first visit?
  • The initial visit is a screening, and gives you the opportunity to meet the doctor and site staff. They will discuss the study with you to answer any questions you have, as well as make sure you match the study criteria and are still interested in participating.
  • If you remain interested after an initial discussion about the trial, you will be presented with a consent to participate in the study. Once you have signed the informed consent document and agreed to participate, the study coordinator will complete screening procedures.
  • All clinical studies are different, so the exact procedures performed at a screening visit may vary. Common procedures include obtaining a blood or urine sample, vital signs, a complete medical history, and a medication check.
  • Please allow 1 1/2 to 2 hours for this initial visit*


What should I bring to my appointment?
  • You DO NOT NEED an insurance card, social security card, passport, or a checkbook. All of our studies are FREE to participate, so you won’t have to pay anything!
  • Please bring a list of any medications that you have used within the last 30 days, including name and dosage.
  • If you have a primary care doctor, please bring their name and phone number.
What happens at the other visits?*
  • This is where the magic happens! You will receive a reminder prior to all of your visits.
  • You will never be treated as a number at DelRicht Research. We take our time and ensure all procedures are completed, tests are evaluated thoroughly by our physicians, and all of your questions are 100% answered.
  • Some of our programs use an electronic diary that allows you to track your progress and share feedback between visits.
  • For the duration of your program, you will be assisted by our attentive staff that always has time for YOU! Welcome to the clinic you always wished for!


When will I be compensated?

If you qualify after the initial interview with the doctor and/or study staff, you will be eligible for compensation after each completed visit. Compensation varies by study.

What happens if I don’t qualify?

We receive new study opportunities every month. If you are interested, we can contact you with new opportunities as they open!

You will never be charged for a screening visit at our clinic, even if you do not qualify.

How do I find more information about the study?

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll have someone reach out to you!

(*) Every study is different and the actual length of all visits can vary considerably. Your study coordinator and/or doctor will give you more information at your screening visit in regards to the approximate length of each visit.